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When you need help


If you need assistance navigating the system, there are a few ways to get help:

Carers ACT have the contract to provide both advocacy and support to all carers.  This includes foster and kinship carers.  Support can be sought anonymously if that’s what is needed.

Carers ACT support the ACTTogether consortium but are separate and work on behalf of the carers to resolve issues.

Some examples of what they have helped carers with in their first year contracted to provide support:

  • communication issues between Case Workers and carers
  • inequity of services provided to kinship carers
  • supporting carers by attending meetings with ACTTogether and the carers
  • liaising with ACTTogether management to find out why decisions are being made

Contact Carers ACT foster carer support by phoning 1800 242 636  or 6296 9966.


There are often times when carers just don’t know how to deal with an issue they are having.  The FCAACT has many years of experience and understands the types of conundrums carers find themselves in.  If you’re in a pickle and not sure what to do, contact us for some direction.   We may be able to steer you to a relevant support service, lawyer, or just give some information about what has worked for other carers in similar situations.

Contact the FCAACT by email:


The ACTTogether After Hours numbers to contact a Case Worker on duty:

foster care team:  0429 393 898.

kinship team: 0448 247 020.

ACTTogether has a Carer Support team who provide support to carers.  They can be contacted on 6110 2221 during business hours.

The Carer Liaison Officer at CYPS can be contacted via email


ACTTogether have a complaints process which, in our recent experience, is rarely followed. Here’s a document describing it: ACTTogether Complaints/Compliments/Feedback.

The definition of a complaint in the ACT system is quite simple though. The Community Services Directorate say that a complaint is:

“an expression of dissatisfaction in relation to a service provided by or on behalf of the Community Services Directorate.”

So make sure you explain your dissatisfaction, email your issue to the manager of the person involved and say “This is a complaint” or “I am writing to complain about…”  You can copy the FCAACT in if you want.