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What we do

Our Focus

We work on improving the system for carers, carer families and the children and young people we care for.  As statutory carers, we are impacted on by the care and protection system in many ways that are over and above other carers and families.  And as we know, our tasks are complex enough – we need a system which is really supporting us and our families in our important work.

The Foster Care Association of the ACT works to try and improve all aspects of the system in which we care for our children and young people. For example

  • We meet with the minister regularly and work closely with their advisers.
  • We work with CYPS’s senior management, the Director of Change Management and Reform and the Carer Liaison Officer to try to improve the system.
  • We work on permanent committees with the Office of Children, Youth and Family Support (OCYFS) and alternative home-based care Agencies, on, for example, the  Carer Wellbeing Committee which feeds into the Board of Governance of ACTTogether.
  • We write submissions to inquiries, reviews or proposals for change.
  • We try to ensure that carer friendly processes are put in place and that carer and carer family rights are protected.
  • We collect information to show what is not working well for us, and provide advice to try and prevent further problems arising.
  • The FCAACT liaises with state and territory bodies on local and national issues.


Annually, a delegate of the FCAACT attends the national Carers conference of Australia. This conference is an invaluable experience for the FCAACT to meet with all stakeholders and keep abreast of emerging issues and policy changes. During this event all state FCA bodies meet and hold an annual meeting.

If you are interested in participating on a committee as a representative of carers or have opinions or stories about good or bad features of the system in which we work, please contact the office and let us know.