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Current Focus

    interstate communication and information sharing
    liaising and advising on the introduction of Step up for Children
    governance arrangements…eg better decision making processes and rights of appeal, natural justice applied
    insurance arrangements : property damage, personal injury, life insurance, income protection insurance lobbying for clear reimbursement guidelines and information for carers
    lobbying for better work health safety for carers
    clear processes for passport applications and travel applications
    clear protocols for carers moving agency
    training availability for carers

2015- 2017 Achievements

The FCAACT contributed to the Australian Government on matters affecting children in care, the system, policy and Carer requirements. Of note, the FCAACT provided the Federal Government with a submission when it was establishing the national ice task force. Our aim was to ensure children affected by the ice epidemic, as a result of their parents’ use were considered. We provided evidence of the increase of children entering in care as a result of ice and the services needed to support these children and their kinship and foster carers.

We also worked to improve these aspects of caring in the ACT:

    exit interviews for carers changing foster agencies or leaving caring as normal quality improvement practice
    advocating and obtaining carer respite
    providing input into the audit of foster care agencies
    new national WHS legislation which is applicable to foster carers
    free independent counselling available for foster carers through Relationships ACT
    representation on the Carer Liaison Officer interview panel
    input into the development of theĀ Foster Carer and Kinship Carer Survey
    individual carer advocacy issues