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About Us

The Association is a peer support and advocacy group for foster, kinship and respite carers living in the ACT, or caring for ACT children and young people living outside the ACT.

Our mission is to improve the position of carers, carer families and children and young people in care through:

  • advocating for carers and their carer families
  • sharing advice, support, and friendship among carers and carer families
  • providing opportunities and resources for learning
  • working to improve the foster and kinship care system
  • putting the views of carers and carer families into policy and practice development in the child protection system

Caring for children and young people in the child protection system can be grueling and very demanding work.  With the best training in the world prior to placement, many carers experience actions and emotions when caring for children and young people in care, which can be very challenging.  Other family members can also find the experience of caring quite different than they expected.

As a peer organization, the FCA’s members are other carers and carer families.  They have the first-hand experience of what it feels like and often have tried different things which can help.  The FCA can also help carers make their way through the often challenging administrative processes which surround caring for children and young people in the child protection system.

The goals of the Association include:

  • ensuring the child protection system adequately respects and supports carers and carer families in their demanding work
  • promoting carer-friendly practices and policies within the ACT child protection system
  • making real the best practice vision of partnership between carers and those with statutory and administrative responsibilities in child protection in the ACT
  • creating a skills base that encourages carers to remain as carers for as long as possible, including self and family maintenance
  • providing care and carer families with support and opportunities to share time with other carers and carer families